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No one (and we include ourselves in this) escapes the ‘lure’ of wanting to shift that inevitable Christmas weight. Losing that extra stone, toning up or generally aiming for a feeling of well-being – it all starts somewhere. Give yourself  a head start – pack your kit bag before work and you’re already half way there.

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There’s no secret in reaping the benefits of a good adventure. In this fast paced world, it’s important we put the breaks on every now and again to rest and recharge our batteries. Managing that work/life balance is no easy task, but it may just be in the injection of inspiration that you need to boost your every-day performance.

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You’d think that after the mayhem of Christmas and the January sales – you might be half the guy you once were. Once that feeling subsides (and it will) you may well find yourself in the mood to treat yourself to that pair of boots you’ve been waiting for. The new year calls for a moment of calm, so why not take some time out and line-up a few ‘must-have’ items to tide you over the next few months.

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