With the arrival of summer and warmer temperatures, bright colours, paradise prints, short-shorts and the dreaded question of ‘are you not warm in that?’ as you turn up to work in a sweatshirt (actually, it’s only 17 degrees outside and this office is pretty cold) become unavoidable. Summer-brights and daring patterns aren’t for everyone though; some of us like to keep our look clean and simple all year round. If this sounds like you then fearhttp://www.woodhouseclothing.com/en-gb/clothing/sweats.html?department=4505&new_style=4529 not, as here we have pulled together some outfits that are perfect for the summer months, without all the bells and whistles.


Mens Outfit Inspiration

Out & About

A white tee and blue denim jeans – easy, stylish and despite its simplicity, the combo of white and blue makes it the perfect outfit for summer days. It is light and bright enough to show that you have acknowledged the arrival of the sun (and that you are not full of doom and gloom) without a pattern, print or fluorescent colour in sight. If you feel like a plain white tee is a little too basic, then keep an eye out for subtle detailing such as the textured stripe on this t-shirt from the kings of casual, Farah.



Mens Outfit Inspiration

Poolside Cool

‘Holiday shopping’ is where many men seem to fall off the style wagon, in too dangerous territories filled with all sorts of dodgy prints and blinding colours but don’t be fooled, you really don’t have to go there if it isn’t your thing. Keep your poolside style cool, fresh and simple with bright whites and hints of colour for a chilled out look that still oozes summer.


Mens Outfit Inspiration

Summer Nights

Dressing both smartly and summery is a challenge we all face as soon as the sun starts sticking around until drinking hours, when actually, the warmer temperatures provide you with the perfect excuse to relax your dressed-up look a little. If the term ‘summer-colours’ sounds like nails down a chalkboard to you then it’s okay, we hear you, but you don’t want to be rocking up to the party in an all-black ensemble in the middle of August. Opt for subtle, pastel shades such as this Harbour Island Blue polo shirt from Ralph Lauren and pair with light greys or whites to ensure your look is in-keeping with the summer season, whilst being equally understated, simple and cool.