Men’s grooming has exploded over that past few years, with more men becoming conscious that a good grooming routine is part of their style. The range of grooming products are vast and it can always be difficult to know what to buy, so we have broken it down into 5 easy basic products that will form the backbone of your daily grooming ritual.

Face Wash

The last thing anyone wants is blotchy, oily skin so combat that with a face wash or scrub. The old soap and flannel will no longer suffice, this can lead to dry and irritated skin leaving you in a worst position than when you didn’t purposely wash your face. Using a specific face wash will mean that you will get the added benefit of all the tech that has gone into the creation of the scrub. Use in the morning to leave you invigorated and after a while of regular use you will start to notice an added glow and hopefully less spots or blemishes. Check out this Baxter of California Facial Scrub as the perfect example.



Once you have given your face all the attention required cleaning wise you will need to moisturise and buying a purpose made facial moisturiser is a must. I would always advocate the use of different moisturisers for face and body, as body products are normally thicker and can actually have a negative impact if used on your face by allowing dirt to build up and also blocking pours leading to more spots. You can also cause irritation as many body moisturisers have fragrances and the bi-products of this can be too much for your face. Applied once a day after you have cleaned your face the moisturiser will not only hydrate your skin but also act as a layer of defence against the elements. We have picked out the Baxter of California Oil-Free Moisturiser  as our top pick.


Body Wash

Now this may be a given but it is very much an important part of the day to day routine. Making sure that you pick a body wash that has a fragrance that will compliment your aftershave or cologne is important. I would always advise to get something fairly neutral so that you get the full effect of the aftershave. You also want something that is not going to dry your skin out so look out for natural or organic ingredients. One of the main faux pas that men make is getting an all in one hair and body wash, you should have one product for your body and one for your hair as they require different things. I have picked out the L:A Bruket Mint Hand & Body Wash as it is made from organic ingredients and the fragrance will not be hugely over powering. The cucumber aspect will also act as moisturiser, invigorating your skin.


Hair Pomade

Now the reason I have picked pomade specifically is that it is probably the most versatile of the hair styling products, due to it being a combination of a clay and wax. No matter what your hair type you should be fine using a pomade. With pomade you can get a strong hold for pretty much any hairstyle and can run it through damp hair for a wet look or use it on dry hair to get good hold. Much in the same vein as the body wash you don’t want something that has a strong fragrance to it and again I would try and pick something that is organic/natural to avoid any irritation. We have picked out the Baxter of California Clay Hair Pomade, one of their signature products, as the perfect pick for your hair.



One thing that is generally over looked by men is nails. I can guarantee that when you rock up to a first date one of the things that women will notice is the state of your fingers so make sure that you are on point with them. You don’t want to have nails bitten down to the skin or long and out of control with visible dirt in them! A weekly or bi-weekly trim and a clean up every couple of days should allow your hands to look the best they can. I have picked out the Mantidy Black Handwoven Leather Grooming Roll as it has everything you will need to keep your nails in check, plus it is also in a very handy leather roll that makes it super easy to travel with.