5 Of The Best-Styled Characters In Film History (Part One)

Chances are if you’re being projected onto a big screen with an army of stylists, makeup artists, and lighting technicians behind you you’re going to look pretty good. However sometimes attaining the iconic stature of character isn’t just about the actor but the choice of ensemble too. This week on the blog we take a look at some of our favourite styled characters in film history and break down what makes their outfits stand out.

Leonardo Dicaprio – Jordan Belfort, The Wolf Of Wall Street (2014)

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, The Wolf Of Wall Street recalls the rise and fall of a high-profile stockbroker in the late 80s. Throughout the majority of the film its all business (at least the clothing), with a selection of fine suits and smart attire. On a few occasions we see Belfort dress down into some more leisurely garb like this outfit pictured in a scene in which Belfort attempts to bribe an FBI agent.

Keeping it simple yet sharp, Belfort is dressed in iconic Ralph Lauren Polo alongside a pair of tan coloured chinos. The outfit is completed by a pair of solid black wayfarer sunglasses and a visible black belt for detailing. The look itself alludes back to late 80s trends of open collars and tucked in polo shirts for a retro style that wouldn’t go amiss today.

Christian Slater – Clarence Worley, True Romance (1993)   

While Quentin Tarantino’s bravado drenched screenwriting gave the film’s young lovers their full-throttle storyline, it would seem the costume designer for the 90’s classic had a similar idea. True Romance features an abundance of loud and dashing outfits worn by our lead and his female counterpart that encapsulate the purposely lurid aesthetic of the movie.

Known for his obsession with Elvis Presley, Clarence Worley (played by Christian Slater) embodies a full-fledged 60s vacation style. The floral shirt has hints of inspiration from the King of Rock and Roll’s 1961 film Blue Hawaii or perhaps considering its a Tarantino screenplay, Al Pacino in Scarface. True to 90s form the shirt is paired with a baggy washed out denim, the same kind that is making somewhat of a resurgence in recent times.

Joaquin Pheonix – Theodore Twombly, Her (2014)

Set in the not too distant future in Los Angeles, Her follows the plot of Theodore Twombly as he falls in love with a Siri-esque operating system named Samantha (played by Scarlet Johannson). The exploration of the dangers of artificial intelligence in the film can seem scarily possible. But despite the futuristic intentions of the film, the outfits are a retro throwback making things work oddly in dissimilarity.

The film features an abundance of retro throwbacks including grandad-collar shirts, high-waist pleated trousers, round-rimmed specs, and 70s style mustaches. While we can’t see the complete look making a return any-time soon we have no doubt some select relics of the past will slowly work their way back into contemporary menswear in the foreseeable future.

Ryan Gosling – ‘Driver’, Drive (2011) 

Where would any list be without mentioning the anti-hero character from Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 action-drama, Drive? The film stars Ryan Gosling as an unnamed Hollywood film driver by day and getaway driver by night. Between all the intense violence, stunning neon lighting, and amazing soundtrack one thing stands out the most in memory – that satin bomber jacket.


The Scorpion emblazoned, fifties inspired bomber jacket worn by our anti-hero redefined the essence of cool in the movie and has been the inspiration behind many great wardrobes ever since. Combined with a classic Chelsea boot and a pair of oval sunglasses the look manages to satisfy the unknown need for 80s nostalgia and clothing.

Daniel Craig – James Bond, Skyfall (2012)

Arguably the most influential look on this list comes from a familiar British icon. Late in 2012’s Skyfall, Daniel Craig’s Bond walks through the Scottish countryside carrying a shotgun. He’s wearing a Barbour jacket, a teal sweater, jeans, and brogue boots. While this might not exactly seem like an exceptional outfit, it carries a different quality to it and that quality would be the fact it’s timeless.

Dating back to 1894 the Barbour wax jacket has been an enduring staple in British countryside culture ever since. The built-to-last yet the plain appeal of Bond’s outfit makes it accessible to the least adventurous of dressers making it a sought after style even almost 8 years on.

Words by Jack Strong