Shirts are a part of every man’s wardrobe, hears a run down on 5 shirts each man needs to have.


A popular shirting fabric, the Oxford shirt takes its name from the University. An Oxford shirt is constructed using an oxford weave and is normally a a little thicker than your average cotton fabric. It is a casual shirt that can also be worn formally, ticking all the boxes. Take a look at some Oxford Shirts below,


When you think of tartan you immediately come up with a bagpipe blowing Scotsman but you can also get some brilliant tartans and checks in shirt form. Whilst you tend to see these in the autumn and winter months more, you will still be able to wear a checked shirt in the summer months. The beatuy of a check is that it adds texture to your outfit and allows you to combine colours in a more subtle way. Check out our favourite below,


Polplin is another type of cotton that is used throughout the clothing industry and beyond. The fabric is known for having a ribbed texture and is also lightweight. Poplin is more generally used as a summer fabric but can still be found and worn in the colder months. Check out some of our poplin offering below,


Striped shirts are great for a number of reasons, they can be worn casually and also formally so are versatile plus if like me you opt for a “winter body” all year round a vertical striped shirt is meant to make you look slimmer! Take a look at some of our favourites below,


Cord is a classic and durable material, usually found in rich colourways. A cord shirt can be worn as a layering piece, open with a t-shirt with a jacket over the top or buttoned up as a top layer. Perfectly suited to winter weather with it’s thick yet soft texture. Check out of cord collection below,