Now that winter is here you will no doubt have pulled out the big coats and knitwear out of your wardrobe but you don’t have to shun your summer wardrobe completely. Here are 5 summer items that you can utilise in your winter wardrobe.


Whilst this may seem like a slightly more obvious one there are certain t-shirts that you will not want to be wearing this winter. The lightweight cotton variety will not offer you much in the way of protection against the cold, we would opt for something that is a little bit thicker. One way to utilise a t-shirt in the winter is to wear it under an open shirt adding a more layering vibe to your outfit.
A number of brands are also incorporating long sleeve t-shirts into their collections, these are normally thicker and also made with a woven/waffle weave giving it a more lightweight sweat feel. Again the best way to wear these are by layering them with shirts and jackets. We have picked out some of our favourite winter t-shirts below,

Caps are another one where you may see it as a little obvious but much like a t-shirt there is a way in which to shoe horn it in to your winter outfits. Firstly, I would stick with basic colours, such as navy and grey, or more autumnal shades and patterns, such as green, red and camo. Wearing them for a night out is a no but they are great for those sunny, crisp winter days when there is actually some practical use for the cap rather than it being a fashion accessory. This season has also seen a few brands offer seasonal trend caps with cord caps and waxed ones.

Overshirts/Lightweight Jackets

In the summer these are a great top layer but there is no need to overlook them come the winter. An overshirt can be used as a mid-layer piece to add something different to your winter outfits, be that colour or a different texture. If you use a more brightly coloured overhsirt then you are able to break up your outfit, this also applies to textures and patterns.
You are also able to use the overshirt as a top layer on the warmer days, wearing a sweatshirt or knitted jumper underneath as the main source of insulation. There is also a practical use for an overshirt and that is that it will normally give you some extra pocket room, leaving your main jacket pockets free for your hands!
Much like an overshirt the lightweight jacket can be used as a layering piece for the winter. Go for a waterproof option so that if you are caught out in the rain then you will have that extra layer of protection, this can also be perfect for those times when you are out on the town, perhaps wearing a shirt and jumper, meaning that you can skip from bar to bar without too much risk of getting drenched. We have picked out some lightweight pieces for you to take a look at.


Whilst infrequent we do get sun in the winter! There seems to be a stigma attached to wearing sunglasses when it is cold but it is perfectly acceptable to wear sunglasses in the winter. They are always worth keeping in your car with the low hanging sun in the mornings and evening becoming an issue and offer an extra accessory option when you are out and about during the day. We have picked out some great options for you to invest in below,

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are another summer item that is still very relevant in the winter and there are plenty of brands that are aware of this and cater towards a more winter centric style of polo shirt. With your summer polo shirts you are best wearing them under a jumper but if you are wanting to wear a polo shirt with just a jacket then I would go with a knitted option or a long sleeved option. The knitted polo shirt is a great option as it has the same feel as a jumper but with the cut and style of a polo shirt, whilst the long sleeved option is also offers more protection to the winter weather. Take a look at some of our favourites below,