C.P. Company is one of our favourites here at Woodhouse so we thought we would let you know 5 things that make us love it so much.


Founder, Massimo Osti created the brand originally known as Chester Perry in 1971, the brand was later rebranded as C.P. Company after a lawsuit filed by English brands, Fred Perry and Chester Barry. Since its inception, the brand has taken influence from archived military designs, workwear and sporting models to anchor the cutting-edge fabric innovation and Italian design that produces their iconic collections. On top of this the brand also led to Osti creating a second brand, Stone Island as a diffusion of C.P.

2. Technical

The fabrics and finishes used on C.P. Company outerwear are second to none. With water and wind resistant finishes applied to natural fabrics such as wool and flax, and highly technical fabrics such as high tension nylon, Gore-Tex and vulcanised rubber all used and often garment dyed, technical boundaries are constantly being pushed by the Osti brand. The fabrics and composition of the garments gained Osti widespread recognition leading to high demand for the goods, highlighted by the breakthrough AW82 collection.

3. Style

C.P. are responsible for countless iconic styles of outerwear including the Milli Miglia, the Explorer Jacket and the Cotton-Hemp Explorer Parka, all of which have been updated and rereleased over the years. The military, workwear and Italian design inspirations shine through resulting in a functional and contemporary aesthetic that is unique to C.P. Company.

4. Colour

Pioneers of garment dying techniques, C.P. Company use the method to give a chromatic depth and intensity of colour to their garments which would be otherwise impossible to attain with pre-dyed fabric. This has led to an association with unique colours and finishes including bright hues and metallic textures. Not only that but the garments can be given a distressed look offering a new and unique range of colourways.

5. Details

The goggle details of C.P. Company outerwear has become synonymous with the brand. Designed to feature on explorer jackets, the goggles were moved from the collar to the hood for a jacket used to sponsor the Mille Miglia car race in 1988. From then on, the goggles, lens and watchfinder have featured heavily on much of the C.P. Company collection. Many designs also feature numerous pockets, zips, drawstrings and press studs, each aiding in the military look and the highly functional appeal of the brand.