The grey sweatshirt should be a staple within every man’s wardrobe, versatile, comfortable and easy to wear. As many menswear classics do, the sweatshirt has a history that dates way back, designed with functionality and purpose in mind. In this case, it was on the sports field that a new design was necessary. The sweatshirt was originally designed by Russell Athletic in 1920, thought up by Benjamin Russell Junior who was an American Football player at the University of Alabama at the time. His thinking came from a need for an alternative to the itchy, woollen jerseys that were worn for sports at the time that caused chafing, discomfort and sweating. He suggested a lightweight, more comfortable, all-cotton version – a suggestion that lead to the birth of the sweatshirt.


Since the invention and rise of modern, more breathable sportswear, the days of the sweatshirt being worn whilst doing anything that would actually break a sweat are long gone. Fortunately, the sweatshirt as an item of clothing is here to stay, making its way from sportswear to streetwear due to its comfort and versatility.

Although it is a massively versatile item of clothing, many men may be unsure of how you can incorporate this classic in to your everyday wardrobe – both smart and casual. If this is you, then we have the ultimate guide here providing you with five examples of how you can enjoy the comfort and simplicity of the grey sweatshirt day to day (and night!).


Casual Comfort

A grey sweatshirt whether it be plain or with a logo or pattern makes for the perfect option to throw on in the morning for a stylish yet effortless look. Pairing it with light blue jeans will brighten up your outfit and wearing a white tee underneath will add a bit of detail to your neckline.


Smart Casual

Believe it or not the grey sweatshirt can be your go-to piece for a smarter look, ideal for a last minute night out with the boys. Pair it with some skinny or slim fit indigo jeans, smart shoes and a jacket with a clean, smart style such as the bomber jacket from Pretty Green.



Layered Up

Putting together a layered outfit is one way to ensure your look appears more considered and less like you just threw it on in the morning… even if you did! The grey sweat makes for the perfect starting point to a layered look, pair a plain sweatshirt with a patterned shirt underneath and throw over a lightweight jacket.



The Sportsman

Take the grey sweatshirt back to its athletic roots by pairing it with some tracksuit bottoms – the perfect outfit for any pre or post workout. If you want to give this super-comfortable look a style boost then go for luxury sportswear brands such as Creative Recreation and Android Homme when choosing your bottoms and trainers.



Relaxed Smart

Putting a shirt underneath a sweatshirt is the easiest way to add a hint of smartness to your relaxed, casual style. This look is perfect for a transitional day-to-night outfit, straight from the office to the bar.


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