A modern day essential with a rich history, the overshirt. A hybrid between a shirt and a jacket, that is the perfect balance of style and function. Heavier and more relaxed than a shirt, lighter than a jacket, this versatile garment fills the gap for casual outerwear for those shoulder seasons. Transition your style from summer to autumn and autumn to winter in style. From its root to the metamorphosis of the overshirts of today, there are three narratives that truly form the heart of the overshirt.  

European Workwear

The original three-pocket overshirt began its journey as a working-class garment worn by French railway workers and engineers in the early 20th century. It was born out of necessity in a time before uniforms, adapted by labourers, craftspeople and artists to cover their smart clothing. Typically constructed from durable cotton drill or moleskin to endure the hard working conditions whilst being lightweight enough to move around with ease. Designed with large pockets, which was a great benefit for carrying the tools of their trade.


British Military Shirts

Developed again for the British Military, taking the practical design elements and placing them on cotton drill or flannel for the troops deployed to Europe and a lighter cotton khaki fabric for those deployed to warmer climates overseas. Four patch pockets and bellow pocket variations were added to the design for even more functionality. 


Safari Shirts

Inspired by the military shirt, the safari shirt added utility pockets to the design for holding an array of essentials from water flasks to ammo, ensuring total practicality. Usually constructed from lightweight cotton to endure the hot and humid climates. 

Taking elements from its roots, the modern overshirt holds its emphasis on practicality and function, whilst combining loose silhouettes with manmade and high-tech fabrics. With the advancement of the era, you can find overshirts in a multitude of fabrics from traditional button-up workwear inspired pieces to modern twists with zippers and nylon constructions. With the new season, now is the time to add this versatile, easy-to-wear staple to your wardrobe.

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