Timberland, for the outdoor man to the fashion fan. A brand once loved only by those who needed the durability, protection and grip of the iconic Timberland boot has now seeped into everyday wear for every man. Let’s dive a little deeper into how the brand revolutionised the footwear industry with a boot that ultimately transcended time to become a wardrobe essential.

Since the beginning, when founder Nathan Swarts bought the company in 1958 which was known as The Abington Shoe Company at the time, innovation, hard work and a passion for the great outdoors has been the standing stone of the now world renowned brand.

In 1973 the company moved to Newmarket, New Hampshire – a part of the world where they experience a whirlwind of weather conditions, and a need for footwear that could withstand all the elements was a problem Swarts was eager to solve. Thus the original “yellow” waterproof  boot, which they named the “Timberland” was born.

The groundbreaking boots quickly became popular among trade workers and outdoor enthusiasts alike thanks to its durability, protection and grip. Setting new standards for waterproof performance in the footwear industry with their innovative injection moulding technique the iconic boot defined their brand, so much so that in 1978 they renamed the entire company to the name we love and know today.

Mainly used for work till the ‘90 when their sales more than tripled, thanks to the popularisation of Hip Hop, as they were serendipitously adopted by iconic NYC rappers and were spotted on the feet of Biggie, Tupac, DMX and other heavy hitters of that time. Taking the brand from its workwear origins to the fashion elite in a decade to the 2000s.

Today the boot does not conform to any genre, making them as relevant today as they were in those New Hampshire Winters from which they were born. The heritage, innovation and love for the outdoors can be seen in the designs, always striving to bring you better products, stronger communities and a greener world. Masculine, versatile and timeless, a pair of Timberland boots deserves a spot in your wardrobe.


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