When it comes to escaping the business suit and taking a break from the routines and demands of the everyday ‘modern man’, the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear. So, in order to maintain that stress-free zone, we’ve compiled a few simple pointers to give you a heads up on how to dress down, but still look good.

If you’re the kind of guy that lives in the office, wears a suit, jacket and tie from Monday morning ’til Friday night, you’ll no doubt relish every opportunity to kick back in some laid back casuals. Even if you’re more of an outdoors kind of guy, teacher, labourer, or even house-husband, we understand how important it is to look good.

The key to dressing down and dressing well is essentially comfort, but in order to achieve this you don’t have to compromise on style. Often, the easiest way to get around still looking stylish on a dress down day is to keep your outfits simple. This season’s popular cuts and designs mean that certain key features, such as the turn up trouser leg, lend themselves well to a more relaxed and casual wardrobe, allowing for more versatile outfit combinations.

Chinos and denim will always be the failsafe ‘go to’ option for any style conscious guy who wants to take a more casual approach to his wardrobe. They go with almost everything and have the ability to look smart as well as be functional and comfortable. The ‘on the street’ look that seems to be dominating this season is ‘casually tailored’, seeing many resorting to a more dynamic way of putting outfits together. Teaming the likes of a tailored rolled-up chino with a pair of smart loafers or shiny white plimsolls along with a denim shirt and/or a fitted tee is a winning look throughout the summer. The key is to not try too hard – remember, you’re trying to relax.

If you’re taking a stroll in the warmer evenings or just fancy working from home, take these tips away with you and keep them in mind when you open the wardrobe in the morning, you won’t go far wrong.