Born out of an era of dust, sweat and gears in the outer reaches of America back in the 1930’s, from sailor to cowboy, denim was as much then as it is now one of the greatest, most desirable fabrics of the last century. Once known only for its durability as a hum-drum work-proof material, denim as we know it today has transcended every generation, fad, trend and style, proving itself time after time to be one of the most remarkable, sustained contributions to the fashion industry to date.


Denim originally took hold in 1870’s, alongside the gold rush boom in America, and for a long time was worn only by the workers and labourers who saw it as a protective layer whilst they were down in the mines, working with coarse, destructive materials that would make light work of ripping, tearing and damaging any other fabrics. Denim was a hard-wearing, durable fabric that wouldn’t easily tear and kept its strength wear after wear, which made it perfect for the kind of environments it was subjected to early on. It wasn’t until the early 20th Century when denim really took hold as part of popular culture, and since then, we’ve witnessed its popularity grow into a living, vibrant cloth, carrying its own set of loyal followers. Those who seek the finest denim product and the richest heritage tend to harbour a similar passion for freedom, and perhaps also a rebellious and non-conformist take on society’s set of rules.


The term ‘jeans’ derives from a French phrase ‘bleu de Genes’, meaning ‘the blue of Genoa’. Manufactured by a certain Mr. Levi Strauss who moved his life’s work to Nimes to focus on the production of this rugged indigo cotton twill textile, the denim fabric ‘serge’ found its roots, to which it now owes its name. The blend of this characteristically woven twill and its location gave way to a new name ‘Serge-de-Nimes’, a phrase that is now synonymous with the fabric and the starting point for the eclipsed growth of denim throughout the 20th Century.


A good pair of authentic denim jeans is a staple for any mans wardrobe. None moreso than a pair of jeans that has been soaked in history, with an authentic back-story that makes you feel like you’re wearing a slice of the rich tapestry. To this extent, we believe that this is the reason as to why they have stood the test of time, and why they are so sought after to date.

How you wear them is entirely up to you, they shape around you, take on your daily tasks and reflect every event you put them through, a real second skin. It’s not hard to understand why, or even how people are so passionate about the humble denim jean, every pair carries with it a sense of identity, individuality and experience that is like no other – that’s what life’s all about.

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