What is a performance fabric?

When it comes to activewear, the word performance is sure to appear, but what does that really mean? Performance fabrics also known as technical fabrics are specially designed to work with your body during sports and exercise to provide properties that enhance your ‘performance’ allowing you to work harder for longer. Many performance fabrics provide temperature control, moisture wicking, supreme stretch, antibacterial qualities and high ventilation.


What is it made from?

Getting down to the basics, performance fabrics are typically produced from but not limited to; polyester, nylon and elastane. Brands tend to create their own versions of performance fabric, taking a raw fabric and combining them as well as enhancing its properties to work with the wearer. For example PUMA’s dryCELL technology that provides moisture-wicking properties that helps to keep you dry and comfortable and Pressio’s EcoPOWER Compression technology that provides support to reduce soreness, swelling and enhance endurance.

Polyester – lightweight with wrinkle free properties that is durable and breathable. The fabric holds high strength, longevity and is non absorbent in nature allowing for repetitive movements whilst maintaining its structure – leaving you looking fresh after a demanding workout.

Nylon – incredibly stretchy with quick-drying properties that is not only breathable but mildew resistant. The fabric allows cool air to reach the skin and also wicks sweat from your skin to the fabric’s surface, where it can dissipate safely – leaving you comfortable and temperature controlled.

Elastane – extremely elastic that can stretch up to seven times its original size whilst retaining its original shape and resistant to deterioration. Also commonly known as Spandex or Lycra. The fabric is smooth, soft and lightweight, preventing any bagginess or sagging in the garment – allowing you to move with ease.


Who, What, Where?

Depending on your activity there are different properties in activewear garments that will enhance your performance and provide you with the most important needs; of comfort and durability. We have added a couple of incredible brands to our already diverse and premium brand list, that offer the best in performance technology and we are sure that you will find the perfect pieces to push yourself to the limits in comfort and style.

Pressio offers great options with their world leading sports fabrications. Specialising in run and compression technology from t-shirts with advanced moisture management and with a 3D vent mesh structure providing optimal ventilation and specialised MAPP – Muscle Alignment Power print technology infused with high denier lycra leggings.
PUMA offers performance driven and comfort focused options infused with their very own dryCELL and CoolADAPT technology. Perfect for uncompromising athletes. With everything from t-shirts, jackets and shorts to elevate your workout.


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