As one of our favourite brands at Woodhouse, and an icon of Italian menswear, C.P.Company are responsible for exceptional attention to detail creating functional yet stylish outerwear. With one of the biggest game changers of all time in the menswear market their founder, Massimo Osti is revered for his philosophy of focus on materials used in his fashion pieces.

The infamous Goggle Jacket bares these values and remains an extremely sought after piece of their collection. But before we delve into the Goggle Jacket any further, we want to give you a brief history lesson for the fans of CP. Starting life in 1974 as “Chester Perry” before taking it’s current name of C.P. Company name in 1978, some may be surprised to learn CP actually pre-dates Stone Island by some 8 years. Both brands were originally designed and conceived by the world famous Massimo Osti. Their roots which are now deep and long established combine the same philosophy of prioritising function and use which has become a symbol of individuality and style in itself.


So now we want to focus your attention back to the most iconic piece in the CP collection. The idea for the Goggle Jacket came about in 1988 after the company sponsored a vintage car race which was of course the prestigious Mille Miglia. Massimo Osti started out to investigate ways in which to incorporate something to protect the racers in the hood and became increasingly excited about the idea of designing them with lenses sewn into the fabric. The idea came into fruition and Osti continued to research his product, focussing on hoods used by the Army for anti-gas purposes. This ingenious idea was then realised as ideal for the 88 Mille Miglia and represented his unique vision of the perfect outdoor sports jacket designed to protect you on any adventure.


As a company, CP have dedicated to the continual experimentation with different fabrics, colour, weaves and technologies to identify new raw materials and dye which can be seen in his developing designs today in the continuous bid to create the ultimate CP Company product.

This season sees the greatly anticipated return of apparel and in particular jackets which combine a wealth of the values and attributes which have remained so for it’s 40 year lifespan, tying traditions of craftsmanship and high fashion.