When you’ve got a party to attend, if you are unsure of the appropriate level to dress, we’ve got it sorted. Here we have provided a few examples of what dress code you can find a safe bet for what constitutes as an acceptable summer party ensemble.

There are a set of guidelines you can follow to ensure you have the correct style for the occasion. Rule #1 – Start with a blazer. There are a variety of jackets to choose from in varying colours. A particular style to choose from is the 3-button blazer, this adds a touch of casual and are available without lining which will make sure you aren’t battling against the temperature. If it’s too hot for a jacket you should be well prepared with a sharp shirt underneath.  Untucking your shirt will make sure you aren’t too overdressed, although we believe there’s no such thing. It’s summer, so brighten your outfit with some colour. In the image above we have featured some yellows and blues, but you can incorporate some pattern and other summer colours in there. Pink is expected to be be increasingly popular in the coming seasons.

Clean sharp shoes are a finishing touch. Unless you’re at a BBQ, stay away from the trainers. Opt for Chukka boots, brogues or the classic smart shoe. It may be worth thinking about a pocket square for your jacket, or a belt for your slacks. Wearing a textured belt will add a bit of texture and keep it casual. Make sure you are well groomed and enjoy the rest of your summer invitations.