Armani is a name synonymous with high end style and classic design. This year the brand celebrate their 40th Anniversary, and what a 40 years it has been.

Giorgio Armani began his career in fashion as a window dresser and has gone on to become one of the most renowned and revered fashion designers in the world with an empire worth over $9 Billion. In Italy he’s symbolic of signature Italian style dressing everyone from the Olympic team of 2012 to the police and the Milanese taxi drivers, more recently his expertise extended to the creation of George Clooney’s wedding suit.

Suiting has always been a speciality in the Armani make up with one of the defining moments in the companies career being the creation of the unlined, unconstructed Mans jacket. This was the first of its kind, loose and informal it saw a major departure from the stiff suits of the 1960’s and the nonchalance of the hippie generation. This jacket was an immediate success, a new breed of tailoring was born and the path was laid for the evolution of the Armani brand.

Another stand out moment in the brands history was when Richard Gere appeared in “American Gigolo” dressed from head to foot in Armani. This film captured the publics imagination and left a mark on the history of costume design.


From its initial success the Armani brand only continued to grow, expanding to include the more casual Armani Jeans range which opened the brand up to a whole new audience with more wearable everyday garments at accessible price points. It was following this that Giorgio became a celebrity in his own right featuring on the cover of Time Magazine and making a unique appearance on Saturday Night Live.

There is now over 10 labels blossoming under the Armani umbrella which cover everything from cosmetics and accessories to ready to wear catwalk collections. This year sees Armani celebrate their extraordinary 40 years in the industry with their #Atribute campaign, showcasing the fantastic history and achievements of this Italian super brand.