Travelling light and travelling in style go hand in hand when jetting off to sunnier climates for a few days away from the daily grind. When escaping the stresses of everyday life, there really is no need to extend that stress any further in to your packing and preparations, taking interchangeable outfits and making a list of your essentials is key. Queueing to check-in your luggage (and paying for the ‘luxury’ to do so), waiting for your bag at arrivals, having more than one bag to carry and having masses of clothing to pack-up again on your last day are all unnecessary efforts that are going to eat in to your precious drinking time – not a good start! Check out the article below for our guide to packing light without compromising on your holiday style.


Short sleeves aren’t just for casual, they can be worn smart too, and in higher temperatures they are exactly what you need both day and night. Packing a good but concise combination of short sleeve smarts and casual tee’s will see you through your break away, short sleeve shirts and polos are ideal for nights out and it goes without saying that short sleeve tee’s are essential for day time holiday attire. It’s always good to remember that darker colours attract the sun and will have you feeling anything but cool – so opt for lighter, brighter colours when selecting your summer tee’s.


Both swim shorts and chino shorts, or whatever your bottom half selection may be, are something you can get away with re-wearing day-to-day whilst on holiday – so no need to over pack! Taking one pair of swim shorts and one pair one chino shorts (ensuring that they go with your smarter top-half choices) is more than acceptable for a short break, and should see you through both day and night.



Sunglasses, hats and comfortable shoes are all summer holiday essentials – but there is no need to overdo it. One of each is more than enough just as long as you choose wisely. When it comes to your footwear, plimsolls make for the perfect option that can be worn with your smarter night time clothing, as well as being comfortable to wear during the day, if you plan on spending a lot of time by the beach or poolside, you might want to chuck in a pair of flips flops too.


Get yourself a holdall bag with additional pockets and storage such as this Techno Holdall Black Weekend Bag from Boss Green, to avoid the need for more than one bag, the outer pockets will also provide you with easy access to your passport, boarding pass and money whilst in the airport. You’ll also want to get yourself a wash bag to keep all of your toiletries in one place, and avoid any shower gel explosion disasters!


Toiletries, underwear, trainer socks and the age-old forgotten holiday item – a jacket, because you really don’t know what the weather might have in store for you. Invest in a lightweight jacket for your trip away to ensure you are covered for the night time breeze and any unlucky dips in temperature. Get yourself a list together of all your toiletries… shower gel, razor, Toothpaste etc… as you’re bound to forget something!


Feel free to print off the above checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need! Don’t forget to have a look through our extensive collection of premium menswear to find your perfect capsule wardrobe for your weekend away! We’d like to hear from you – where are you heading to this Bank holiday? Or have you got another Weekend trip planned this Summer? If you aren’t planning a trip away this weekend we compiled a list of adrenaline activities to do last Bank Holiday take a look at the list here. Leave us a comment below or Tweet us @WoodhouseTweets