May, one of the months we look forward to the most! Spring is here, we tend to get an up turn in weather conditions, sporting events are coming to a climax and of course there’s two bank holiday weekends. We have picked out 3 outfits to give you a helping hand if you’re just not quite sure what to wear.


For those of you who are slightly more pessimistic about the weather we have put together a foolproof outfit for you. The light wash Emporio Armani jeans paired with the bright and colourful Armor Lux smock jacket is ideal, allowing you to strip the layers back if the sun does decide to make an appearance. The white Mason Garments trainers are a summer staple and can be matched with most summer attire and the Barbour t-shirt utilises block and fine stripes to create a perfect blend.


Next up we have a Riviera inspire outfit, this is a smart/casual option and would be great for a weekend on the continent. The Boss combination with the Panama shirt, with the classic open collar and off white cotton, making them breathable, is a real throw back to the 50’s. The Barbour messenger bag is also a wonderful option to allow you to carry all your valuables in lieu a jacket. Now this is where the debate starts, sandals. Some people love them others are not convinced, I personally think that the right pair can do so much for your outfit and these Birkenstocks are the thing to finish this outfit off. If you are not convince then a pair of brown loafers can be substituted in.


Our final outfit is one for those who believe the weather forecasts and features a classic Fred Perry polo shirt, Ralph Lauren shorts, Adidas x Pharrell trainers and a Paul & Shark jacket. If you want to get a bit of a tan whilst lounging the sun then this is the outfit for you and the jacket is a great option for early evenings.