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Baracuta, the original mod-father of all classic brands. When slicking your hair back, throwing on your favourite pair of moccasins, listening to ‘The Who’ and hopping on your scooter was a way of life, this era saw the birth of the original Harrington G9. Notoriety for the jacket really established itself in the late 50s where you could find the likes of Elvis (during his 1958 role in ‘King Creole’), Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra through to suede heads and soul boys adopting the particular G9 Harrington ‘style’ as their own, the defining jacket of ‘cool’. In later years we saw the likes of Norman Jay taking on the G9, and we musn’t forget Paul Weller, one of the most iconic ambassadors of the brand and of the mod movement. The list of who has worn this style of jacket is endless, which is most likely the reason why it has retained its relevance through the decades, presenting itself equally if not more iconic as the years have gone by. The style of the G9 jacket itself earned the nickname ‘Harrington’ from being worn by the character Rodney Harrington (played by Ryan O’Neal) in the 1960s prime time soap opera Peyton Place. The Baracuta jacket as we know it today has surpassed its original purpose (a golf jacket if you didn’t know), becoming one of the most internationally recognised signature jacket styles of the last century and beyond.

Rising from the murky manufacturers smoke in Stockport in the 1930s, the Baracuta brand has built itself on quality authentic craftsmanship. Rolling out the unmistakable Fraser Tartan in the 1937/38 editions gave the G9 jacket its real identity stamp. The only thing that has changed over the years is the improved fit, with a slimmer and more fitted style than its older counterpart, giving a much more flattering overall shape, not that this would’ve bothered the punks, skinheads and scooterboys of past generations.

The Original G9

Style has been copied by many fashion houses, none of which have really convincingly matched the original. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the brand back in 2007, Baracuta released three special edition G9 jackets with quotes by Presley, Steve McQueen and Frank Sinatra printed on the lining, a form of ‘homage’ to its founding fathers.

In more recent years, this brand has seen many trends come and go, whilst always maintaining its own strong industry dominance. The mod-revivalists of today are not the only spearheads of the Harrington jacket ‘club’, these days we’re seeing a more mainstream audience, from Pharell Williams, Liam Gallagher to Jake Bugg, this jacket packs an undeniable punch, full of attitude and statement style, much like the wearers. The Autumn/Winter ’13 Collection stays true to the very essence of the Harrington, promising quality and a genuine ‘Made in England’ distinction in its latest editions of the G9. These jackets are perfect for the change in seasons, lightweight and breathable yet resilient and well made. We’re off to turn our jeans up, comb out sideburns and ride off into the sunset with a 12″ ‘Kinks’ LP, come join us.

Enjoy the AW13 Collection, back on Woodhouse for a new season.