Love Hugo Boss? Well we hear you! However unless you’re a seasoned Hugo Boss patron, you might be wondering what the key differences are between BOSS, HUGO, BOSS Orange, and BOSS Green, and which one suits your personal style. Well don’t panic, as ever we’ve got you covered here at Woodhouse. Below we’ve delved into the world of Hugo Boss, touching on each sub-brand, and hopefully giving you an idea of which is right for you.



The Original: BOSS

Purveyors of authentic modern luxury since 1970, BOSS epitomises sleek, refined style. If you favour a more understated, yet decidedly fashionable look, BOSS is definitely the way to go. It’s best to view the BOSS range as the pinnacle of class, an elegant design spectrum for the modern man. Ranging from impeccably tailored evening dress and sophisticated business wear, right through to premium sportswear, this sleek all-encompassing brand has you covered for quite literally any occasion.



The Rebel: HUGO

Fashion forward since 1993, HUGO takes the classical elegance of Hugo Boss and fuses it with boisterous urban appeal. Designed with attitude, HUGO offers sharp, contemporary tailoring with a twist; slimmer cuts collide with bold prints to create a truly unique, laid back, skater inspired look. If you value individuality, craftsmanship and style HUGO is the brand for you!



The Creative: BOSS Orange

Introduced in 1999 BOSS Orange sprinkles an air of casual individuality to the Hugo Boss range. Designed with contemporary flair, BOSS Orange caters for the younger style savvy urbanite, offering an off-duty look with a strong fashion element. Always current and always on trend, the range is light-hearted, fusing customary Hugo Boss quality with youthful exuberance, prefect for the more casual among us.



The Sportsman: BOSS Green

The pinnacle of modern sportswear, BOSS Green focuses on the active, providing premium performance wear with prestigious Hugo Boss style. A byword for function and quality, BOSS Green blends premium fashion with technical game-ready fabrics, creating a dynamic, off-duty collection with a defiant urban edge. Don’t think that BOSS Green is exclusively for sportsmen however, the range is street conscious and incredibly versatile, if street style is more your shtick, this is definitely the brand for you.

Hugo Boss is in essence, all things to all men. Whether you prefer a refined, sartorial look, or if edgy urban chic is more your style, we’ve got you covered here at Woodhouse.