A meeting of minds

With a history steeped in endless invention, Belstaff’s precision performance meets innovative design, focusing on timeless elegance, rigorous accuracy and forward-focused-functionality, with their long-standing partnership with material innovators Gore-Tex creating technical masterpieces for the new season. Known from our History of Belstaff piece, Belstaff have a past soaked in founding and bonding partnerships with fabric technologies, revolutionising the apparel industry.

Since the 70’s Belstaff knew that Gore-Tex’s “Guaranteed to keep you dry” promise was just what they were looking for to enhance their repertoire. The original partnership began by creating a collection for the British mountaineer and explorer Sir Chris Bonington. This lead to a commercial range of waterproof outerwear. Unquestionably this alliance became a success by blending tradition with modern ingenuity.



But what exactly is Gore-Tex? In a nutshell, it is a highly durable, breathable, waterproof and windproof membrane bonded to fabrics. Meaning that not only does the fabric stop water from getting in but absorbs perspiration produced by your body and transports it, by diffusion, to the outside for total moisture protection.

There are multiple versions of the Gore-Tex membrane with a range of applications, from Gore-Tex Pro to Gore-Tex Infinium. The original Gore-Tex membrane is a very versatile two or three-layer construction.

The three layers are constructed much like a sandwich: an outer layer and inner layer make up the bread, while the Gore-Tex membrane itself makes up the filling which is the key component of the sandwich, as it performs the majority of the work.

This bonded Gore-Tex membrane is made from polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE for short, commonly known as Teflon. Different from the non-stick Teflon coating on pots and pans, this Teflon is a stretched version of the polymer, forming a microporous material with over 9 million pores per square inch.

These holes are so small that water was unable to penetrate the material as a water droplet is around 20,000 times larger than one of the pores. Water vapour molecules, on the other hand, are considerably smaller, so they are able to pass through the material.

This porous form of PTFE was accidentally discovered by Robert Gore in 1969 when he heated the polymer noticing that it stretched to nearly 800% times larger than its original form. Forming a microporous structure, that became known as ePTFE.

Gore saw the potential to use this polymer to create windproof, water-repellent, and breathable outerwear designed to shield you from the elements. Resulting in joining forces with already established outerwear companies, ushering in a new era for the industry. 


AW22 Belstaff Gore-Tex

The new Gore-Tex collection from Belstaff is an amalgamation of polished perfection and precision-engineered outerwear. The Astral Gore-Tex Down Jacket and Altitude Gore-Tex Down Parka Jacket utilise the high-performance windproof, waterproof and highly breathable fabric cleverly combining it with their signature 90/10 Duck Down Fill Power 750 ensuring warmth and total body protection.

The Altitude Parka has a classic overall silhouette with sleek pocket and zip detailing. A 2-layer Gore-Tex and down combination makes this a truly winter-ready piece while angle chest pockets, drawcord fittings and ribbed storm cuffs ensure a serious level of comfort. A muted black option will partner with all of your winter wardrobe or opt for the bold option with a bright orange colourway – the shade of the season from Belstaff and a true crowd-pleaser.

While the Astral Jacket offers the same technical prowess and elemental protection as the Altitude, the shape is shorter and more compact. All of the design cues are the same; slick, minimal pocket detailing, hidden zips and drawstring hood. If you want a true winter all-rounder this jacket is the one for you. From the peaks to the pub, you’ll be warm and dry while looking the part.


More from Belstaff

For a more lightweight option, the Twin Track and Vent styles are unlined, water and windproof outer-layers. The perfect piece to throw over a fleece when the rain threatens play.

Belstaff’s new season outerwear is packed with archival favourites enriched for the modern man with advanced performance, like the iconic Trialmaster and Racemaster jackets. As well as fresh silhouettes offering revolutionary style, like the Radar and Gyro jackets. Meaning that you are sure to find something dipped in history and style for your new season wardrobe and beyond. 


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