Brand spanking new…..

This season we would like to welcome a few new players to the Woodhouse family!

We’ve got a few real gems joining us this season…..

    • Creative Recreation doesn’t need too much by way of introduction; check out our earlier blog post, or the feet of the nearest a-list celeb or sporting star and you are likely to get the drift!


    • Blood Brother is another new brand proving popular with the celebs. Spotted on the likes of Plan B and Mario Balotelli, these t-shirts are high impact and very recognisable.


    • For the slightly mellower among us Two Stoned is a great all rounder for casual fashion. We’ve got a top range of over 30 polo’s, t-shirts and short sleeved shirts.


    • Maians are our new ‘Spanish chic’ range of footwear. These shoes materials and production all stem from the beautiful coastal city of Barcelona. The burnt red and cool cream colours really encapsulate Barcelona’s sleek city come beach bum vibe. Perfect for a summers day anywhere!


  • Alternatively Gant Rugger has had plenty of practise at producing traditionally American, preppy pieces that they have tweaked into fashion must have’s for all!