Brand Spotlight: Portuguese Flannel

Inject some sunshine into your summer style…

Sun, sand and sea comes to mind when the word summer is mentioned and a popular holiday destination for us Brits is Portugal. Just because you may not get the holiday of your dreams this summer doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the culture and experience to your wardrobe. With Portuguese Flannel’s Spring Summer 2021 collection, you can do just that and much like an unforgettable holiday, you’ll be left with unforgettable lifetime pieces.

Master craftsmen in the old towns of northern Portugal, Portuguese Flannel has a strong family history in textiles that provides them access to exclusive fabrics, produced the traditional way, and archives that go back to the 1930s, stablishing the company that we know and love today from the roots of their ancestors.

Aiming to elevate Portuguese knowledge from where it was forgotten, Portuguese Flannel takes inspiration from locals who live brave and challenging lives by the mountains and coasts of Portugal. Working with people in whom they trust and are proud of, their interest in preserving their originality and family history is seen through their timeless and contemporary designs.
Cherishing quality over quantity, since the beginning they had a vision to establish more environmental management and production practises. Using organic fabrics like cotton, linen, wool and recyclable biodegradable fibres like lyocell, creating staple pieces that add superior comfort to your wardrobe and help to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals and excessive water supply that is associated with textile mass production. Right down to the details, Portuguese Flannel have thought about sustainability, by using eco-friendly Corozo, Urea or Mother of Pearl buttons.

Thanks to the use of these natural materials, each piece they design has a natural, beautiful and timeless look, boasting culture and history, that you just can’t get from another brand. Their collection for this summer offers bold statement patterns, traditional silhouettes and lightweight sustainable fabrics that will keep you cool and smart all summer long and every summer after. Whether you are after some playful prints or something more sophisticated, our favourite pieces from this collection will transcend through the ages.

The Dog Town
The Dog Town is a timeless short sleeve shirt that comes in a colourway of pinks and blues, perfect for adding a pop of colour to your wardrobe. The fabric is unbelievably soft, composed of pure lyocell, offering a lightweight and breathable feel, whilst providing unparalleled comfort. Featuring a camp collar and chest pocket, creating a fun, contemporary look that is easy to style. Pair with some shorts, sandals and sunnies, you’ll be feeling the coastal breeze of Praia de Moledo down the streets of Manchester.

The Cubismo & The Drop
Cut to a similar silhouette and crafted from the same pure Lyocell fabric as the Dog Town shirt, the Cubismo and the Drop both boast bold and colourful designs, sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Inspired by vibrant Portuguese culture, indulging their appreciation of art, music, drama, and dance. The fun and contemporary looks will add that holiday excitement to your wardrobe.

The Folclore
Rooted in traditions, the Folclore is a beautifully embroidered short sleeve shirt that is inspired by traditional Portuguese embroidery boasting Portuguese soul. The fabric is pure rayon, offering a smooth and fluid drape that wicks moisture away from skin keeping you cool, making it perfect for the summer. The details of the shirt adds to the traditional look with Mother of Pearl buttons and a camp collar, leaving you with the feeling of walking through Moreira de Cónegos.