In 1975 Massimo Osti started experimenting with garment dying techniques, innovating the world of technical fabrics and put in place the core philosophies of CP Company; function and use. In order to celebrate the last 40 years, the AW15 collection includes a multitude of interesting fabrics, exciting styles and unconventional garments that will make a key addition to any wardrobe this season.

Knitwear has been a key focus this season, with CP Company making use of Bouclé, Chenille and Cashmere wool blends across the new lines, with added extras from a more synthetic and technology focused background, such as woven polypropylene. These luxurious fabrics have been selected to encompass the brands vision of quality, modern design and experimentation.

Swedish military camouflage colours have been a huge inspiration this season, with rich olive greens, khaki’s and various greys dominating the colour palette, dispersed with flashes of bright blue, scarlet and acid yellow to lift the collection. Traditional patterns such as tweeds are used in conjunction with the latest digital fabric printing technology to produce unique and inspired print designs.

Fabric innovation has remained key over the last 4 decades, and this can be evidenced throughout the AW15 collection, as Shetland tweeds meet new, engineered fabrics. One such innovation is a reflective, high density nylon that is finished with water resistant treatments, and then used in lightweight coats and jackets. Traditional shapes, such as the trench and Parka have been reinvented with super light fabrics, vivid colours and synthetic shells.

This bonding of modern technology and classic styles gives the collection a distinct identity that echoes the original inspirations; sportswear, technical expertise and superior quality. The merging of different worlds gives way to new innovations, such as the micro key fabric, yet traditions, like the Goggle jacket, are still up held and these are combined beautifully to produce a collection that showcases the best of the past 40 years at CP Company.

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