C.P Company is an icon of Italian menswear and a favourite here at Woodhouse. The brand features exceptional attention to detail creating functional yet stylish outerwear, with founder Massimo Osti revered world wide as one of the biggest gamechangers of all time in the menswear market.

The Goggle Jacket is probably one of the most iconic pieces in the C.P. collection and remains extremely sought after. The idea behind the Goggle Jacket came about in 1988 when C.P. sponsored prestigious vintage car race, the Mille Miglia. At the time Massimo Osti had been investigating ways to incorporate sturdy, protective hoods into his jackets and had become increasingly excited about the idea of designing a jacket with lenses sewn into the fabric. This idea really came to fruition when Osti commissioned a special frame made by the Italian company Baruffaldi, world leaders in the sports optics field. This solved the initial problem of fitting the lenses to the jacket, the prototype featured goggles attached to an extended collar.

Osti continued his research focusing on hoods used by the army for anti-gas purposes, this gave him the ingenious idea of incorporating the lenses into the hood itself.  Thus, the Goggle Jacket was born.


After agreeing to sponsor the ’88 Mille Miglia Osti realised his new jacket was ideal for the race, representing his unique vision of the perfect outdoor sports jacket designed to protect you on any adventure. The original “Mille Miglia” was constructed of a simple beige fabric and featured  the race logo on the pocket.

This seasons Goggle Jacket of choice is this blue garment dyed option which features the classic design and iconic goggle hood.