Massimo’s Osti’s Goggle jacket reflects perfectly C.P. Company’s philosophy of function and use.

The Goggle Jacket really sets the tone for C.P. Company’s awesome range of retro styled jackets; the company also produces some great shirts and t-shirts – again with a focus on the materials used.

A brief history lesson for fans of C.P. Company and Stone Island… and anyone who has ever wondered about the origins of the CP Company name, and its association with Stone Island! CP Company started life in 1974 as “Chester Perry” before taking on the current C.P. Company name in 1978.

It might surprise many to learn C.P. Company actually pre-dates Stone Island by some 8 years, as Stone Island only took shape in 1982. Both brands were originally designed and conceived by the now World famous Massimo Osti, and their shared roots are deep and long established.

In this day and age where clothing is seen as a form of personal identity, C.P. Company believes that their philosophy has become more actual – prioritising function and use has become a symbol of individuality and style in itself.

True to its values, is possibly the one of the only high end designer brands that carries very little to no branding on its garments. Again, we can see the philosophy of function and use prevailing.

C.P Company is dedicated to continual experimentation with different weaves, fabrics, colours and technologies to identify new raw materials and dye, print on wash and treat them all in a bid to create the ultimate C.P Company product.

View the infamous Goggle Jacket and more from the C.P collections now!

Woodhouse Team