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The Superstar is one of the most recognisable styles in the Adidas repertoire. First introduced in 1969 as a low top version of the Pro Model Shoe, it’s become iconic in its own right. The design of the Superstar is fairly unique featuring an all leather upper and the classic rubber shell-toe it is unlike anything else that Adidas create.

The Superstar story begins with a simple test in the USA, this was met with great results and throughout the 70’s it became the most worn shoe in the NBA. It’s popularity throughout basketball transcended onto the streets and the shoe soon became the go to shape for the kids whose heroes were those basketball stars. The Superstar really shot to fame when it was pioneered by Harlem rap stars RUN DMC. They wore their Superstars with the laces undone and the tongues pushed out.

Since then the Superstar has gone on to be associated with a number of sought after collaborations including Burton Snowboards, A Bathing Ape, Ian Brown and most recently Pharrell Williams. If 2014 was Stan Smiths time to shine then 2015 is undoubtedly the year of the Superstar with a distinct focus being paid to this unique design.

In the world of footwear there has been a lot of iconic shapes… but only one Superstar.