The brand originated toward the end of the 1940’s when Fred Perry was approached by Tibby Wegner about the possibility of making a sweatband bearing his name.

Although it was the duo’s first foray into the industry the sweatband is not what the brand is known for, its iconic twin tipped polo shirt remains the ultimate Fred Perry product. The definitive pique polo featuring a two button placket and signature twin tipped detail was designed by Fred himself and remains unchanged for the 60 years since its birth.

Originally designed as a sports shirt, the polo was preferred by the top players of the time to the ill fitting baggy alternatives they were used to. The shirt became the item of choice for players, presenters and commentators alike and the iconic laurel wreath logo was well on the way to establishing itself as an instant classic.

The polo shirt’s fan base widened as it was adopted by a fledgling Mod movement who found that the brand suited their nocturnal actives perfectly it was stylish, smart and fit great under a mohair suit but was also durable enough to stay looking fresh the next morning.

Fred Perry remains a brand synonymous with subcultures providing an undying link between music and fashion, the original polo shirt remaining a strong part of the brands heritage.