The classic parka is without doubt one of the most recognisable jackets of all time. It started life as an American military jacket in 1951 designed to help the US soldiers cope with the extreme weather conditions in the Korean war. The jacket went down a whole new road in the 1960’s when it was adopted by the British Mod movement.

The Mods had their own style, own direction and above all their own culture. The fashion style of a Mod (much like any other subculture) changed weekly, one thing that remained at the core of this was the Parka, how this came about no one is exactly sure. The original Parka’s were warm, relatively waterproof and great for riding scooters (pre helmet days) but more importantly they were distinctly unique.

Since then the Parka has developed into many forms moving away from the original M1951 Fishtail style. Here are some of our top choices for this Autumn/Winter;

Pretty Green




This jacket probably remains most true to the original, featuring the classic fishtail and fur lined hood. It’s got a quilted lining meaning it’s going to keep you pretty warm (scooter riding or not).

Stone Island

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Another great piece from Stone Island, it’s technical down to a tee and sits as a more stylish option. In the classic olive green with the fishtail detail it’s still fairly true to style and features a fixed hood and detachable inner lining.

Fred Perry

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Nothing says classic like a Laurel Wreath and where the Parka is concerned Fred Perry can’t be overlooked. This Mountain Parka is a slight variation on the original style. Being a shorter option it’s easy to wear while still remaining true to the Parka’s original features.


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When it comes to functional outerwear Barbour are the masters. Constructed from their signature 6oz waxed cotton this jacket is fully water and wind resistant whilst also featuring a quilted inner lining for extra warmth.


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