Embracing fashion freedom with a design approach that blurs all the rules!

Endorsed by celebrities worldwide Creative Recreation is the footwear concept making a splash on both sides of the Atlantic. Founders and friends Rich Confinco and Robert Nand launched Creative Recreation in the USA’s Orange Country, California, in 2002, in response to dissatisfaction with the then current offerings of the footwear industry. At the time the choice between a dress shoe to be worn with a suit or an athletic style sneaker was stark.

Creative Recreation was born of the concept that this generation would not be travelling the same well-travelled roadmaps of those before it. Suave young professionals and style savvy entrepreneurs made up a new wave of consumers. Realising success was no longer correlated to wearing a suit and tie, the Creative Recreation team set about combining the comfort and style of an athletic sneaker with the satisfaction of the pure materialization of a dress shoe.

It would seem there is a Creative Recreation shoe for everyone! From P Diddy to Jared Leto, Hollywood super stars and famous sporting personalities alike have been rocking these shoes all over the place.

Recently they have been a huge hit with UK footballers such as Ashley Cole, John Terry and many more.

A decade in the making, this ultimate hybrid of comfortable, aspirational footwear is brand new to Woodhouse this season.

Dare to be different, enjoy the finer things in life!

Woodhouse Team