With the next Bank Holiday fast approaching this is the time of year we all put our hands to work to prepare our gardens and homes for the height of summer so when the good weather arrives you can sit back and relax. In this blog we have pulled together some DIY ideas from beginners level to intermediate so you can impress the other half and keep yourself busy whilst having fun carrying out the ultimate masculine past time.

First follow these 5 steps to keep the motivation and self discipline and you will reach that “job well done” feeling when your project is finished. These tricks should make it easier to succeed at the challenges you set yourself and zen through the process.

1. Fail Faster

This is the biggest catalyst for failure is when something isn’t quite working and you spend an age trying to correct yourself. The faster you fail the faster you’ll learn and you can then use this as an opportunity to learn. Obviously you will need to find  balance, but taking a step back and thinking about what you are doing will all contribute.

2. Wear a Uniform

Wearing a uniform will encourage the right mindset when starting a project . This can be overalls, your scruffs or a special apron, which will help you feel ready to focus on the job at hand.

3. Time Frame

Set yourself an hour to get to a certain point in your work so you can organise your time and pick it up again the next day. Avoiding a project because it takes too long is a great way of never getting anything done.

4. Get Help

Whether it’s a YouTube tutorial, online forum or a mate that is just a little more familiar with DIY than you. Don’t dilly-dally scratching your head. Use other resources to build your own knowledge and pick up all the experience you need on the way. You will become the mate that is asked for help.

5. Organise your Tools

Take pride indoor equipment by keeping it organised so you know where to find everything. If you end up searching for something it can be rather stressful and will encourage you to put the job to one side.

Here is some inspiration for a few cool projects to put on your list of DIY challenges to suit the summer months – we have included a range from beginners level to more expert challenges but if you follow the steps above there is no reason you can’t complete them all no matter what level of experience you have!




This is an extremely easy method to start a fire, whether  you’re on a camping trip or don’t own a fire pit and would be perfect for smaller gardens. As you can see it can work very well for a BBQ. The Swedish soldiers developed this method during the 30 year war between 1618 and 1648 and was used for days to create warmth and light to their camps. Take a look at the video here on how to get one started.




This is another easy way of getting some DIY done. Concrete has become popular more recently and if you aren’t up for overdoing it this solution to concrete planters will make a subtle but will make an impact. We think concrete is a rather masculine medium and using these easy-to-keep plants are a very sleek and modern way of adding some green to your home. Take a look on how to make them here or have a look at some creative ways to incorporate concrete into your scheme in other areas here. Alternatively have a gander at the challenge below…




This is a time consuming task but most of it is waiting for the concrete to dry and does seem a lot more challenging than it actually is but it will make a heck of a statement whilst again being a subtle material to use. Also you should keep in mind that you can make tables of all shapes and sizes by changing your measurements of the mould. There are two ways you can do this – you can either use an MDF block and almost plaster the concrete on; this option will make the table a bit lighter and can be considered a little easier (View how-to DIY here). Or you can make a mould and fill all of it with concrete, this will be a little more challenging but will ensure that your table is authentic – follow this link to take a look at a step-by-step guide. Obviously these tutorials don’t have much guidance in the way of legs but you can either pick ready made ones up from the internet or find another tutorial with the power of Google!



Along the up-cycled route the industrial look has grown in home design trends and people are using these masculine pieces to incorporate into their scheme to make a statement. People are always needed more storage and if your looking for this solution then this shelving unit can be hand made and will save you a lot of money. Not only that it is a lot more satisfying and rewarding if you can say you built it yourself! Have a look at this humorous tutorial on how to build your own here.



Every man desires to own their own bar at home and you would be surprised how easy it is and there are a variety of options but we have used this example using recycled wood. If you fancy personalising it a bit further why not crack out a tin of paint or varnish? Or even add some more contrasting materials. Follow this link for a step-by-step guide on how to make this cool home accessory.



There are many options of shapes for this choice to low cost garden furniture but it is so simple and looks great. Now we’ll be the first to admit that men a less of a dab hand at textiles but all you need to do is pick up a few cushions from a cheap store and it’ll all pull together or get your other half on the job – this will be a nice idea to work together to get the end results. Failing that painting the wood makes a real impact as well. Use this tutorial to get the basics of how to make this example of DIY outdoor seating. This sofa can also be made for a cinema room – if you are lucky enough to own the space for one!



We all love our Dogs. Why not treat them to some well deserved luxury and make their own personalised dog bed? You can add as many cushions and toys as you want and make it the right size for them – or even put their name on it, so it can be their little haven. Here’s a guide on how to pull this together for your much loved pooch.




Now this one calls for a little more patience but again I think you will will surprised how easy it is and using step 4 by getting help will get this done in no time. This idea can be made at very little cost if you scavenge the charity shop for some old books you can even build it up into a tower for even more effect and it looks so original. Here’s the link to a tutorial on how to get this project complete.

Are there any project you have done recently or ideas that you want to have a crack at this summer? We’re interested to know what DIY you’ll be getting up to – leave a comment below or tweet us @WoodhouseTweets