Renzo Rosso founded Diesel in 1985, taking marketing tips from the corporate land of the USA, creative flair from Italy and systems and structure from the ever efficient Germans. This world-wide combo of inspiration has proved to be a winning formula and lead Diesel to become the influential fashion giant it is today.

Fresh and edgy, Diesel is all about staying cool; not in the sense of trendy teenagers in baseball caps, but instead Diesel is focused more on life-style clothing suitable for all. They have hit the proverbial ‘nail on the head’ in terms of versatility and their spring / summer 2012 is no exception.

So, without further a-do….Woodhouse would like to invite you to see this season’s World through the eyes of Diesel…

Welcome to Worksville

Diesel is happy to welcome you to ‘Worksville’ a utopia where elegance is an expression of happiness and hard labour is the ultimate leisure activity.

Diesel’s traditional style concept of clashing formal dress and casual work gear prevails throughout this collection, a somehow ironic, yet iconic example of this brand we all know and love.

Rather than dirtying and destroying things that were clean, the effect is of more of garments that were once dirty but now have been cleaned. A ‘bleached out’ effect adds to the summer feel of the collection, and a palette of sage green with off white gives an outdoors feel to some of the lighter garments.

Lots of new shapes and washes combined with revolutionary ‘3D’ denim technology creates some pretty funky, almost rebellious shapes making this edgy yet wearable collection perfect for some spring time adventures!

This is a place where tough graft is an expression of easy elegance, and this collection covers all bases.

Come and take your pick….

Thank you Diesel.

Woodhosue Team