If you’re planning on getting an Easter getaway, even if it’s just for a couple of days, travelling light is the way to go. An overnight break can give you that well earned dose of R & R, so pack for convenience without compromising on your style. Here’s our top 10 style essentials for your overnight bag, master these and you’ll not have to worry about a single thing this weekend, least of all where you’ve hidden your chocolate.


The most essential item to any weekend getaway is the bag. Size is key, so tailor it to your needs, don’t go for a bag that you’ll fill with everything you don’t need, keep it simple, compact, functional.


It goes without saying, we’re not quite out of the woods with the weather just yet, but you can afford to leave the duck down at home. Instead, opt for a lightweight jacket. This breathable waterproof from Barbour International is perfect for this transitional phase of season.


A key trend for this season is the patterned shirt. Blasting personality into any wardrobe, this shirt from Edwin packs style in with great wearability. Lightweight with a summery feel, wear this under a lightweight knit or simply as it is for a spot ‘en-trend’ style this Easter.


As we’ve mentioned, it’s with cautious optimism that we approach the Easter weekend. Hoping for sun but always being ready for a spot of rain, these boots from Hudson provice the perfect balance of lightweight leather style, easily wearable for any trip, though we’d advise on avoiding the beach!


Denim, the one trusty friend that never goes out of fashion. trimmed back for the warmer months, our spring denim ranges feature a more eclectic colour range, with varying styles and effects to suit any occasion from late night strolls in the park to early morning coffee shops.


No weekend away is complete without a good book in your case. Whether you’ve managed to get away for a few days, or you’re dreaming of taking that city break, our range from Tashen will see you well read from cover to cover. Take in the sights and make your own memories.


Gone are the days where a man’s aftershave is the subject of scrutiny. Carrying the right scent these days is as important as wearing the right pair of shoes. That said, you don’t have to be labelled a ‘metrosexual’ to enjoy taking car of yourself. Check out our range of woody colognes from our grooming range for that signature scent.


A good quality belt will last you for many years, so make sure you go for the best. BOSS is renowned for their impeccable leather quality and this Calito woven belt is no exception. Often overlooked, a belt is both functionable and can add that extra sense of style to an outfit.


Now then, whilst taking time to perfect your overall outfit, there’s an area that’s often forgotten, and that’s the posterior. Getting your style right from the ground up is just as important as how you finish you outfit off, so make sure you start as you mean to go on with a well fitted pair of boxers.