Edwin has proved itself a high quality and innovative brand, often finding itself a significant driving force on terms of  the progression of the entire denim industry.

Edwin Jeans was founded in 1947. At this time denim was not readily available in Japan and at best was expensive and of inferior quality. Edwin was thus driven to create their own denims and so began crafting jeans.

Edwin denim is among the best quality produced anywhere in the world. Such is the dedication to the cause that the letters D, E, N, I, M (with the M flipped to make a W) are an anagram of denim!

The brand is 100% focused on its mission:

“To create dreams, movements and culture, and to continue to create jeans that fit everyone”

From the beginning they have treated their growth as a learning curve, remaining true to their core values whilst constantly innovating to improve their products. Fabric, form and function all score top marks.

The inspiration, taken from genuine vintage pieces shines through in every piece Edwin creates. A conscious juxtaposition of influences from heroes and villains from decades gone by, in the music, movies, and indeed the real world, translates into Edwin eating, sleeping and breathing culture throughout its design process.

Despite many cultural influences the true spirit of Edwin jeans is created by the person living in them. They make every day count with yesterday’s memories etched into the rich indigo fabric and in the knowledge that tomorrow’s good times are still to be created. Friendship and absolute freedom.

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Woodhouse Team