Ten C is the brainchild of ex-Stone Island man Paul Harvey and Allesandro Pungetti of CP Company, their super-functional jackets are constructed from extremely technical and luxurious fabrics and are created to last a lifetime. Using tough, durable, yet soft the touch materials that are sourced from japan and finished in Italy, that will in time mould themselves to your body – ultimately becoming your jacket.

These one of a kind pieces reflect the history of its wearer, like those beloved raw-denim jeans that bear the imprint of your wallet on the back pocket, or the tent you pull out when festival season returns that wears the scars of every event it has accompanied you too. The timeless designs of each jacket are taken from the personal design-archives of the founding men and are inspired by historic outerwear creations that started life as purely functional pieces, either for the military or arctic-survival, such as the field jacket, parka and anorak.



Technical stuff aside, one of the best bits about these jackets is the ability to create your own style and customise your chosen piece with separate liners that come in a selection of colours to meet your style-needs. Ten C liners are securely fixed to your chosen jacket using buttons and are 100% reversible, meaning you can wear the liner on its own whilst hiding its fasteners. Which colour combo would you go for?