“Unpredictable weather, pale ale and adventures” – Sounds good doesn’t it?

It may not jump to the forefront of your imagination when planning your next holiday but Iceland is full of untouched magic and definitely worth a trip.

Resting on the edge of the arctic circle on one of the most volcanically active hotspots in the world it’s home to some of the most awe-inspiring natural phenomena you will ever see. The landscape is almost post-apocalypic in its appearance and remains one of very few places untouched by heavy-handed humanity; its stark beauty is breathtaking.

Although the island itself is relatively small there is no shortage of things to do. The Blue Lagoon is well worth a visit. Situated on a black lava field the lagoon is fed water from the Svartsengi Geothermal Plant which resembles something from another world entirely and sits in sharp contrast to its surroundings. The water in the lagoon is heated to around 38°, full of natural minerals and silica mud it proves to be one of the best natural spa’s in existence.

The Golden Circle tour is another must. Heading east from Reykjavik it encompasses many of Iceland’s best features and gives you an opportunity to take in some of the islands immense history. A key feature of this tour is the route it takes past the spa town of Laugarvatn onto the Great Geysir. This Geysir is the one of the first recorded phenomena of its kind and has since lent its name to a number of similar springs worldwide.


Moving onto somewhere slightly more cosmopolitan, Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik is laid back yet focussed. It’s most definitely a city with a heartbeat; home to a number of artists, writers and musicians it has creativity running wild in its blueprint. There’s always lots going on but take a stroll and it’s easy to find your own space.

If you need a place to stay then Kex Hostel is a great spot and will definitely make you rethink any Hostel related preconceptions you once had. Housed in an old biscuit factory, Kex is filled with salvaged furniture and unique oddities. It’s old school gym and amazing bar/cafe area only add to the cool, laid back vibe. Another good spot is Ölstofan, this is a perfect destination for any beer fans out there as it prides itself on the selection of craft beers it houses from around the world. Their home-brew Bríó is well worth a pint or three and it recently won the World Beer Cup (yes that is a real event).

Weather-wise Iceland can be unpredictable so smart packing is difficult; best practice is to take layers, waterproofs and sunglasses ensuring you’re prepared for any eventuality. With the weather famously changing nearly every 15 minutes or so it’s more than likely you’ll experience snow, wind and sun at some point.

Iceland is a perfect all year round destination and an amazing place for those of you with a distinct sense of adventure and a serious case of Wanderlust.