It’s nearing that time once again and as winter closes in on us and the C word is fast approaching, knitwear becomes key and nothing says knitwear quite like a good old Fair Isle print.

Strange to think that what is now such a popular style came from an island which measures just three square miles across sitting off the coast of Scotland between Orkney and Shetland, with a population of just over 70.

Originating on Fair Isle this intricate knit style has been practised continuously for generations. The skilled knitters have a rare store of patterns which have evolved over time to suit each individuals personal style, making the knitwear of Fair Isle truly unique. The patterns incorporate motifs which are found across the world from scandinavia to the middle east. No-one quite knows where the inspiration for the original Fair Isle came from but with garments dating back from 1850 it’s something that’s been part of British knitwear for as long as anyone cares to remember.

Nowadays the term has been taken on worldwide and always features as a key trend for winter. Take a look at some of our favourite takes on the classic style this season.

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