It’s time to banish the myth that Corduroy is only worn by your Grandparents, Country Gentry and School Teachers!!

As a fabric Corduroy is a very durable and versatile cloth, a textile composed of twisted fibres that, when woven, lie parallel (similar to twill) to one another to form the cloth’s distinct pattern.

It’s most recognisable measurement comes in the form of ‘wales’ which essentially defines the thickness of the Cord. These Wales form the ridges we see when the fabric is cut and are often the highlight or feature on any themed garment!

Sorry we went into School teacher mode there. All you need to know is that Cord is a very stylish must have this Autumn Winter, following on from a fairly mediocre Summer, we’re seeking the best looks for wrapping up this Autumn/Winter, with this in mind, we have a variety of products on offer from our key designer brands.

So go on break the Stereotype, wear your Cord with pride.