I’m not sure if it’s because they spend the majority of their time sweating in sports gear or covered in mud, but when it comes to dressing themselves footballers seem to get it very RIGHT or very WRONG.
Here we have some of the best (and worst) dressed footballers of all time.

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand – world class defender, TV presenter, entrepreneur and yes… awful dresser. Even though Rio owns his own successful hat company and harbours dreams of becoming a stylist he often struggles to style himself. Whether it be the time he was pictured on holiday wearing what can only be described as his wife’s clothes or the infamous incident at this years World Cup final when his best blazer was compared to that of an Easy Jet pilot, he never seems to get it quite right. Poor Rio.


Lionel Messi

Being one of the best players in the world it seems that Mr Messi has no time to bother himself with little, seemingly insignificant, matters like style. He recently caused a bit of a stir at the Ballon D’or awards when his suit of choice was a shiny red number not too dissimilar in colour to something you might find on a Christmas tree.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano may be a lot of things but a snappy dresser certainly isn’t one of them. Who can forget those first few months at Manchester United when his style of choice was extremely loud jumpers accessorised with bits of string in his hair? He hasn’t improved too much in recent years where his penchant for short shorts has become more and more apparent and his haircuts only marginally better.


David Beckham

David Beckham may not always have been recognised as a style icon (yes, we do remember the time he wore a skirt) but his transformation in recent years is unparalleled. We rarely see David with a hair out of place these days and he often eclipses his fashion designer wife in the style stakes having recently been named as the face of the latest Belstaff campaign.


Andrea Pirlo

When it come to the most stylish footballers in the world who can overlook the genius that is Andrea Pirlo. His approach is effortlessly cool but what else do we expect from someone who was famously quoted saying – “I don’t feel pressure. I spent the afternoon sleeping and playing the PlayStation. In the evening, I went out and won the World Cup.”

It must be an Italian thing.


George Best

Last but not least we have the king of cool George Best, labelled as the originator of the “celebrity footballer” he single handedly pioneered the crossover between sports personality and superstar. His flares and floppy hair might look a little out of place today but there’s no denying at the time he was one of the forefathers of football style.

Soccer - George Best