Bass Footwear first stepped into production all the way back in 1876, and since have come a long way whilst maintaining their signature aesthetic but still keeping one eye on the future. As a brand it has proven it’s versatility walking amongst sportsmen from golfers to skiers, but also used in the military and by woodsmen and farmers which proves their practicality.

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From this traditional use it is now renowned to have been adopted by many subcultures worldwide and is a show that throughout history has been worn by Presidents to Hollywood Legends such as the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson which went on to spark another wave of the “Weejun Craze” in fashion. This shoe was developed and inspired upon a slipper moccasin, and this mainstream silhouette ironically took on the name of the Loafer.

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Although this shoe may not be for the everyday they are an investment that will last through trends and possess quality that will endure through time.  As many brands aspire to attain both heritage and tradition, Bass can genuinely boast both whilst keeping up their modern authenticity with humble pride.

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