When you have a thirst for something new this summer, why not try a beer from one of the many UK independent breweries and a little secret, just like our products, you can get most of them delivered straight to your door. Nothing is better than opening a fresh cold beer in the summer sun whilst wearing your new summer wardrobe. With that in mind we have curated a list of our top five summer craft beers from UK independent breweries.


Even Sharks Need Water
Brewery: Verdant Brewing Co
Style: India Pale Ale
Strength: 7%


Citrus packed IPA with a bite. Even Sharks Need Water is the perfect balance of sharp citrus fruits and tropical aroma, with a hint of bitterness. The use of Verdant’s super fruity house yeast makes this a classic New England IPA that packs a summer punch.


Brewery: Beatnikz Republic
Style: Gluten Free Pale Ale
Strength: 4%

Light, crisp and refreshing, Boardwalk is a gluten free hop forward fruity pale ale with slight biscuit notes and a whole lot of body. Thanks to the hops used in the brewing process, this full bodied beer is brimming with flavour, giving you a juicy base lifted with citrus dry hops and hints of mango, papaya and grapefruit.


Invisible Frequencies
Brewery: Track Brewing Co
Style: Hazy Pale Ale
Strength: 4.8%

Seriously drinkable, Invisible Frequencies is a juicy and bold hazy pale ale, with big hits of tropical fruits and hints of lychee. Laced with Citra & Idaho 7 hops creating a true summer lip smacker.


Witchi Tai To
Brewery: Pomona Island
Style: Passion Fruit Gose
Strength: 5.5%

A true revitalising summer mouthfeel, the tropical sweetness from the passion fruit wonderfully compliments the tang of the gose. Creating a summer treat that has a lemon sourness, herbal characteristics, and a hint of salt, the perfect blend of sweet and tart.


Citrus Tart
Brewery: Fierce Beer
Style: Sour Ale
Strength: 4.5%

Invigorate your taste buds with the super-refreshing Citrus Tart. A tantalising sour ale that is soured during the brewing process whilst fresh lemon and lime juices add extra flavour and a truly refreshing summer sip.


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