Grooming, the modern man is told we should be looking after our skin more but how many of us truly know what to use and with the market flooded with men’s grooming products what do you buy? Gone are the days when going into the bathroom with anything more than a bar of soap and a razor would be deemed as feminine. Well we are here to try and steer you in the right direction and also introduce some new brands to the Woodhouse family.

What to use?

An issue many a man has found is knowing what to buy, you can go into a store and be blown away by the options available! Do you really need that poppy seed toner? Do you know what a toner is? I tend to stick to a basic set up of all purpose face wash, a facial moisturiser, body wash and shampoo. I would try and avoid the combined hair and body wash products as each require a different treatment. Depending on your preference you can add a beard oil in there or a shaving cream. Have a look below at some options that we here at Woodhouse swear by.

The myth that a grooming routine is a long and arduous process is entirely incorrect, stick to essentials and you’ll add no more than 5 minutes to your morning routine. It is a sure fire way to make yourself look great, especially after a heavy weekend, and you’ll feel the difference in your skin.

L:A Bruket

Inspired by coastal life, Swedish grooming brand L:A Bruket, are dedicated to offering skincare and grooming products with their roots firmly embedded in nature. The uncompromising quality means that your grooming routine feels like a reward and gives you a great preparation for the day ahead. Not only have we got grooming supplies this season but we also have a range of candles, which are a discreet way to freshen up your home and can also be used as a centre piece for your coffee table or to help you seal the deal with that special person.

Baxter of California

Founded in Beverley Hills, Baxter of California is the original men’s grooming brand. In 1965 Baxter Finley, found that there were no grooming products for men, so he made his own. By the 70’s Baxter was supplying skincare, hair care and shaving accessories, growing ever bigger and bigger. Now a fully fledged lifestyle brand offering all manner of products we are excited to be able to offer Baxter on our site.


The makers of the most hyped toothpaste in men’s fashion, Marvis is a brand like no other. Their focus is on toothpaste, that is all and it is somewhat a cult brand with an engaged and loyal following. Founded originally in 1958, it wasn’t until 1997 when it was bought by the Martelli family, that it really started to get some traction. The brand bring us distinctly unique flavours including Amarelli Licorice Mint and Jasmin Mint. Whilst these may seem odd they are wonderfully crafted and will fast become a staple to your grooming routine.