For many, breaking in a new pair of jeans is a seminal moment. It’s the start of a long friendship that will take a bit of effort, patience and ultimately commitment to gain the best results. Nothing quite beats the smell or feel of a fresh pair of denims, so how do you keep them looking great, and more importantly, smelling great? We’ll show you how, here’s a few simple tips to keep your denim healthy from wash to wear, year after year.

TIP 1 – Making Your Choice
For the best results, get your hands on a pair of heavy Oz Dry Denims (or your preferred) these will give you the best abrasions and contrasts.

TIP 2 – Break Them In
Give your jeans a good 6 months breaking in period before you consider freshening up. Breaking in means you’re in it for the long haul, don’t be tempted to wash too soon or you’ll lose all your hard work in one fell swoop. Washing them too soon will result in a flat indigo colour-run.

TIP 3 – Patience is a Virtue
Wear your jeans every day, or as much as possible for those 6 months, the longer you wear them the more character they will take on.

TIP 4 – Keep Them Fresh
To remove any stains, rub down with a damp cloth. When the stale smells creep in, hang your jeans inside out in the sun, and preferably the wind too, this should air out any lingering worn odours.

TIP 5 – Wash With Care
When the time comes to finally wash your jeans, don’t just put them in with a normal wash. Turn them inside out and wash at 40 or 60 degrees. When done, stretch the inseam whilst they are still damp. Hang to dry, never tumble.

TIP 6 – Watch the Crotch
The best prevention of crotch blowouts is early detection. Some brands offer a simple, built-in crotch reinforcement but nothing beats keeping them well aired, fresh & clean. The more well-maintained the material is, the stronger the bond between the fibres will be.


When you’re sizing up a pair of jeans, there’s a few key factors to bear in mind to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your choice, if you follow our basic ‘Dos & Don’ts’ you won’t go far wrong.

Make sure you have accurate measurements – the waist and inseam are essential for any denim purchase.
Take into account the rise of the jean.
Look at the cuff width to decide on the style of look you’re going for.
Be aware that different brands will have different variations of their fit.
Take a pair of jeans that fit you well, lay them out flat and take your measurements from those.
Try RAW denim, they take a while to break in but the results will be well worth it.

Try Raw Denim if you’re not up for wearing them in for a good few months before they take their true shape.
Worry about the specific names of the jeans, all our jeans come with full, listed measurements.
Forget that a good pair of jeans needs looking after.
Be tricked by vanity sizing, go for a pair of jeans that will actually sit your waist size.
Wear a pair of jeans that rises above your stomach, it’s not a good look on anyone.

For a full run down make sure you check out our Denim Guide.