How to choose the perfect tattoo


To celebrate the launch of the Woodhouse Dapper Stag collection we chose 9 ambassadors, all from different walks of life, who we believed embodied the Woodhouse brand. One of these was Chris Hewish, tattooer at the world famous Family Business Tattoo Shop.

Here Chris gives us some basic guidelines that anyone should read before taking the leap and choosing their tattoo. Enjoy!

  • First and foremost, figure out exactly what subject you want tattooed. Find some reference (pictures, prints, photos etc) to demonstrate the style and atmosphere you want for your tattoo. Find good quality reference. For example look through old botanical prints to find an interesting flower. Don’t just type ‘flower tattoo’ into Google!
  • Find an artist appropriate for your tattoo. Everyone has their own way of doing things and their style should not only grab you but should be compatible with your idea.
  • Go and see the tattooer! Don’t email, simply call the shop and book a meeting in person. What can be sorted in 5 minutes in person can take 5 hours emailing.
  • If the artist seems enthused and you’re comfortable, go ahead and book! Let the tattooer do their thing. If they’re worth their salt, they will take your idea and make it into something beautiful. Just give them the room to do so. Remember that sentiment and aesthetics are totally different things. If you have a lot of sentiment wrapped up in your tattoo then realise you may have to sacrifice some to make the tattoo work visually. Having said that, if your tattooer is rude to you, then don’t feel obliged in any way. The whole experience shouldn’t be a stressful thing!
  • Turn up on time, fed, not hungover, and not with a 10 strong entourage! And relax! Trust your tattooer with size and placement. If they suggest something, go for it.
  • And last but not least… look after your tattoo following all instructions to the letter!


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