Pastel Colours And How To Wear Them

As soon as the sun comes out it’s easy to take a look at your wardrobe and notice how dark and dreary things are. Trust me, I love an all-black look as much as the next man however having the option for some colour every once in a while doesn’t go amiss. Pastel colours can be a daunting prospect for many men as it can be unfamiliar territory but fear not because here at Woodhouse we’re going to give you a helping hand.

What are pastel colours? 

For the unfamiliar, pastels (also known as tints) are paler tones made up by mixing significantly more white in with the original colour creating a “softer” or “muted” tone. The most common pastel tones are often pink, mauve, and baby blue as well as mint, peach, periwinkle, and lavender.

Ways to wear 

1) If you’re new to pastel colours chances are you aren’t going to want to dress head to toe in them just yet. Instead, try pairing your pastel with a neutral item for a more subtle look. Why not pair a pastel blue tone with a darker navy to turn it into an accent as opposed to the main event? Other neutral colours such as white, grey and sometimes black often work very well alongside pastels. Making it easy to find pieces that compliment the rest of your wardrobe.

2)Think relaxed fits! For a more sporty and athletic look, loose and relaxed pieces are your ally. With the right fit a loose and baggy look doesn’t have to appear untidy and instead can give off a more contemporary, streetwear appearance. For a modern silhouette try pairing a baggy pastel sweatshirt alongside with matching shorts or alternatively try an oversized shirt with well-fitting chinos. Bring all this together with a clean white trainer to complete a look that will make a statement.

3) For the bolder amongst us, a full pastel outfit can be a head-turning look if executed correctly. To get this right we’d either advise choosing the same coloured pastel as one solid tone or instead mixing two working pastel tones together in harmony. Luckily it isn’t difficult to mix pastels as they mostly all go together due to their common white undertones. As far as items of clothing selection go this one is open for interpretation, just rememberer to keep any additional accessories or layers neutral to bring the look together.

Here are a few handpicked favourites to get you started…