Each winter you always hear about the seasonal trends and colours, some are staple and repeat year on year but there are others that come and go. We have taken a closer look at some of the trend colours for AW18 plus some of the AW staple colours, giving you an insight on how to wear them and some of the key items from our collection for each colour.


The early part of the AW18 season saw an influx of yellows. This was almost a continuation from the summer season and the unseasonable weather in the early season made this a must have colour.

It can be a seen as a difficult colour to wear and but you can wear a variety of different colours. One of the best ways to wear the bright shades is to remain neutral with the rest of your outfit sticking to navy or black and having your yellow item as the standout piece. A pair of indigo or black jeans and white trainers will always be a safe option, as it offers light and dark contrast.
You can also wear other seasonal colours such as green and orange with the brightly coloured yellows, maybe going for a yellow mid-layer and a green or orange top layer whilst remaining neutral on the bottom half. I would say that the key is to try and not be overly brash and always offset the bright colours with slightly darker and more neutral colours.


Green is an Autumn/Winter colour year after year and you should have a decent selection already in your wardrobe. When you picture a green or khaki jacket your mind tends to picture a Barbour waxed jacket but there is plenty more to green than the country gent.

Green is a great colour and can be worn in its may shades in plenty of different ways. Other seasonal colours such as browns such as tan are always a safe option, with pastel blues always pair up nicely. Neutral colours are also a safe option,with navy, grey and black offering an easy option to pair with green.  Checks are also a good option, especially if they include seasonal colours or have a green included in the check.

Oranges are another option to pair with the green, this works wonderfully if your green is darker as the orange offers a contrast, this also works with reds.


Red is another colour that you wouldn’t class as a trend but is more a staple colour for the Autumn/Winter seasons. The colour is obvious linked with Christmas but you don’t have to end up looking like Santa or one of his helpers when wearing red.

With red you don’t have to overthink your outfit, if you are wearing it as a top layer, go with light-wash jeans and a white t-shirt and you’re good to go. It is also a great option for black leather, wear a red sweat or shirt and combine it with a leather jacket and black jeans, leaving you with an outfit that is ready for all occasions.

I am also a fan of a mid-layer, over a white or grey bottom layer and under a dark green jacket. You can then pair it with some indigo or dark wash jeans and brown shoes for a solid winter outfit that ticks off a number of autumn trends.


Brown is probably a bad way of categorising the colour spectrum that I am alluding to as it covers brown, tan, caramel, tobacco and even beige. One think that I am certain about is that season upon season you are going to use it in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. This season has seen a real shift to a lighter caramel shade as the key colour but you will see the classic browns too.

Brown is a great colour due to the differing shades so you can fully get into tonal styled outfits, use a darker shade on the top and pair it with a pair of beige chinos and some lighter tan shoes for a brilliant autumn/winter outfit. Green is also a great option to pair with brown, try a green trouser and a caramel suede shirt or coat and dark leather boots. I would avoid brown and black as the colours don’t offer a complimentary contrast to each other and if you are wanting to go for a basic colour you can’t go wrong with navy.


Orange is very much in fashion this season it’s a great colour to wear and it is a must have for the AW18 season. This season has seen an increase in the differing tones of orange in the collections with bright oranges and deeper rust colours being seen through a number of brands collections.

Orange is a great way to add a splash of colour to your outfit and can be worn with a number of colours such as green and yellow plus basic colours such as navy, grey and white. You can easily pair an orange shirt or jacket with a light-wash jean and white trainers or you can go for an orange shirt under a green jacket with indigo jeans. I would avoid black and brown as they do not complement each other but other than that you can go most ways with orange.