How to Wear: The Beanie Hat

A quintessential cold weather accessory the Beanie Hat is a must have essential in your cold season arsenal. Functional, versatile and not to mention cosy a beanie can complete and take your outfit to the next level. There are numerous different beanie styles available, making the hat perfect for a range of different looks. Typically knitted from wool, cotton or synthetic yarns, ranging from the classics to pom pom beanies the options are limitless and with our diverse range of premium brands you’re sure to find the perfect one.


The Classic Beanie

The most popular style, a classic beanie is undoubtedly the ultimate essential accessory. Cuffed or uncuffed, it’s great at keeping your head warm, easy to style or throw over a bad hair day this versatile option works with all your casual looks. Pulling the hat to cover both your ears with the hem covering about half of your forehead is the most functional way to wear the classic beanie. However, if you’re looking to add a little more style, wearing it slightly pushed back adds a creative flare to your outfit. Be sure to have the hat covering about half to a quarter of your ears with the hem sitting at your hairline for the pushed back look. Either way the classic beanie is a timeless staple that works year after year.


The Watch Cap

Also known as the short beanie or fisherman, the watch cap began its life, as the name suggests on the heads of fishermen. Commonly, made from wool with a thicker knit than the classic beanie, to keep the head warm whilst on the docks or out at sea, while its shorter design was originally to ensure that fishermen could hear each other over the sounds of the roaring seas. Today, the style has been adapted for workwear inspired style for the contemporary man.  This trending hat features a turned-up cuff and wearing it on the top of your head with the hem ending just above the ears is the prime choice to wear it.


The Bobble Beanie – Pom Pom

The origins of the bobble beanie can also be linked to men of the sea; the bobble or pom pom at the top of the hat would protect sailors from bashing their heads. Nowadays it’s a popular choice for the winter. When choosing a bobble beanie for your wardrobe, be sure that the pom pom isn’t too big or too small and try to find the perfect mid sized pom to compliment the size of your head. Worn similar to the classic, pulled down or pushed back the bobble beanie wont disappoint.


The High Top Beanie

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, then a high top beanie is the prime selection. An unusual style that has taken street style by storm. The idea of the high top beanie is to wear it as high up on your head as possible with the excess material poking up creating an elongated ‘top hat’ look. While not for everyone this style is absolutely a trend for the bold and daring.


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