Hunter was Established in 1856 by American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris who recognised a gap in the market for sturdy, industrial boots.

Hunter really came into its own following the first world war when hundreds of its famous boots were commissioned for the soldiers stationed in the trenches. The Hunter factory ran 24 hours a day during this period of time in order to meet demand and assist the war effort, producing over 1 million pairs of boots.

1956 saw the creation of the, now iconic, Original Green Wellington. This design provides the heartbeat of the brand and, even to this day, every pair of boots is still constructed from 28 special parts and made on the original last.

The Hunter Boot has transcended time and fashion being worn by everyone from The Queen to Kate Moss over the years. Today we see Hunter take a move further into the fashion field with their recent ready to wear catwalk collection which demonstrates a new vision and direction for the brand.

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