Instagram is the best platform to share your experiences and find inspiration through instant photos and videos. But rather than discovering what your best mates or favourite celebs are up to there are a collection of canine friends that own their own Instagram accounts which you can explore. Follow these leads and get ready for some of the cutest and comical photography of dogs with a social media account.

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Being a menswear company, we can’t help but start with Menswear Dog – he has featured on a top list of Instagram accounts before we know but how could we not include Bodhi the Shiba Inu. This Dog is claimed to rake in $15,000 A MONTH! But to be fair he is the most stylish dog in the world! @mensweardog

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This account consists of beautifully composed and comical images of Bane – there is something about Bulldogs as a breed that makes you laugh it could be their hilariously consistent grumpy looking face and to add to all that there are a few props to extend your smile. @banethebulldog

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This Bordie Collie is represented by his human owner, @AndrewKnapp who takes his dog travelling and logs the adventures with some beautiful photography. He has published his own books “Find Momo” and also features in adverts for various companies. This dogs eyes are entrancing and gets up to some inspiring and motivational days out – a very lucky pup. @andrewknapp

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Like in the bio of this Instagram account – if you are after a smile and a giggle then make sure you give Tuna the dog a follow. He is a Chiweenie breed which is a Chihuahua-Dachsund mix. This special dog was rescued and his features of an aggressive overbite and lower jawline dysfunction are an uplifting contrast to judgmental perception but are what people love about him most. He owns his own merchandise which contributes to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). @tunameltsmyheart

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Another rescue dog that has risen to fame is Marnie the Shih Tzu who has probably met the most celebrities than all from the animal kingdom. Her traits are a slight head tilt with her tongue continuously hanging down – this according to the owner is just because she possesses a particularly long tongue and her head tilt may have been from a short illness of Vestibular Syndrome. Either way these irregularities are what makes her so lovable. @marniethedog

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This account holder is of New York artist Lara, who features her Red Poodle, Cookie and this pup has a ridiculous alikeness to a teddy bear. The photography possesses clean compositions and there are really nice pieces of artwork from Lara which are an interesting add to your feed with a few snapshots of New York and cuisine thrown in there to appreciate as well. It is also rather interesting that she promotes the vegan lifestyle not just for her but for Cookie the dog. If you fancy seeing a cool poodle from the Big Apple then follow these guys on Insta. @ps.ny

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Now this dog is the ultimate pet dog wolf that all us men would love! He was found abandoned as a pup in the wild and was adopted by owner Kelly Lund in Colorado after he got caught in a blizzard. The size of this tamed animal is incredible and their goal is to inspire people to explore and make memories with their dogs. They are also keen to contribute towards the dog loving community by supporting various organisations. GoPro are also big followers of this friendship and the pair have taken over the YouTube account and made various entries for their content catalogue before. @loki_the_wolfdog

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 14.26.03Another Human account here but the main focus is on Maddie the Coonhound. Like Loki this Instagram gives you the inspiration to create adventures with your dog. The photography is really good and another collection of interesting images that you will appreciate to add to your feed. @thiswildidea