Belstaff began in 1927 when Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg began working together to create a line of waterproof garments for men and women. Beltstaff soon became the first company in the world to use wax cotton in the manufacturing of breathable waterproof apparel.

Since those early days Belstaff have become established as one of the most iconic british brands of all time even aiding the war effort in 1940 employing over 600 extra staff creating everything from flying and survival suits to parachutes.

Belstaff was also famous for dressing legend of silver screen Steve Mcqueen in The Great Escape, rumour has it that Mr McQueen turned down a date with the actress Ali Macgraw so that he could stay at home and wax his Belstaff jacket!

Steve Mcqueen in Belstaff jacket Having always had an affinity to menswear icons of the time Belstaff have recently had an extremely successful campaign in 2014 with David Beckham a wearing one of their iconic leather biker jackets.

Modern day Belstaff is something of an institution highly thought of within the fashion industry, they are only stocked in the best stores around the world and we are extremely proud to be one of those.

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